Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Today we have just received our first batch of stickers, 8 designs and sticker packs are three pounds!

They will be available from the hideout t shirt shop very soon!


Here's a picture from our market day in London at the 15 minute rt and design fair. was a rad day!

New Hideout design?

Ola. Just a little idea for the sleeve design for my next T shirt...

Maybe a little hideout trailer will be dropping tomorrow...well it will if it stays dry today. Look out for that and there will be a few before the main release in Winter this year. Just scrap and random footage edits. Thanks - Rob

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Nice tabe from mikey as winter closes in and the skatepark seems more tempting..

HIDEOUT ONE = 10 k baby!

Thankyou to all the viewers! I know big companies have alot more views and everything, but Im amazed at 10k in 6 months! Cheers guys, the next one will be along shortly!